"Evolution and culture, far from imprisoning us, have put us on a pedestal, from which we can see farther than any other animal. But people are loath to relinquish the dream of independence from everything natural, the fantasy of standing over and above physical nature and telling our brains how to behave." (Blackburn, 2003)

Like all living organisms, we reconstruct the environment according to modeling systems. Our DNA dictates the first, which is a biological model. Our individual interests, which determine our cognitive map, constitute the second. As we introduce language in our experience, we create a third modeling system, specifically human: the world of culture. Such modeling systems or, more simply, models, are the relations that we develop as we interact with the world, transforming it and being in turn transformed by it. Within this perspective, I research the literary manifestations of different cultural models:

Crimes, Sins, and Monstrosities: Evil in Literature
Images of Minas Gerais in Anglo-American Travel Literature
The Literary Sign