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In the second semester of 2018,

· 19th-Century American Fiction (undergraduate)

· Métodos e Práticas de Pesquisa em Literaturas de Língua Inglesa (graduate)


Learn more about Evil in Literature
· Crime Fiction: Detective, Hard-boiled, and Noir
· Evil and Suffering in Auster, DeLillo, Doctorow, and Vonnegut
· Monsters and Monstrosities

Monsters and Monstrosities
At first taken as marvels and prodigies, monsters came to personify what our culture regards as improper. They are deformed, excessive, and dangerous. Sent by the gods to warn us of and punish us for our follies, they reveal the changes in our knowledge and our uncertainties about the natural order.

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New Monsters: an exposition at the Toulouse National Museum
Novos Monstros: uma exposição no Museu Nacional de Toulouse

YouTube · Libération

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Gallery with some of the most famous movie monsters
Galeria com alguns do mais famosos monstros do cinema

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Enciclopédia dos Monstros faz raio-x do terror nos quadrinhos e em outras artes (veja também a entrevista com o autor)


Arcimboldo . Water . 1566

Arcimboldo . 1566
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

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L'ange du bizarre
Le romantisme noir de Goya à Max Ernst au Musée d'Orsay.

Schwabe · La Mort et le Fossoyeur

La Mort et le fossoyeur
Carlos Schwabe · 1900
Musée d'Orsay · Paris

Cabinet photographies
The beautiful JoJo, "The Russian Dog Face Boy," in a photo by Charles Eisenmann, who registered 19th century interest in "freaks."
(Naruyama Gallery)

The 20 greatest Sherlock Holmes, courtesy of The Telegraph

Touch of Evil
A video gallery of cinematic villany. (NYT, 6 Dec 2011

Who killed the femme fatale? The dark queen of film noir – smoldering truth-teller, erotic schemer – has disappeared from the silver screen... more (Obit, 24 Feb 2011, via A&LDaily)



Klimt · Judith

Gustav Klimt
Judith · 1901
Belvedere Museum · Wien

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