Images of Minas Gerais in Anglo-American Travel Literature


Museu de Música de Mariana - Manuscripts, editions and recordings of 18th, 19th and 20th century Brazilian sacred music.
Museu do Oratório - Religious objects brought to Brazil by the Portuguese settlers.
1808 – The coming of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil
Brasiliana Eletrônica – More than 400 texts on line about Brazil
Brazil: A Quincentenary Exhibit
The European Voyages of Exploration: Brazil - A tutorial
Instituto Histórico de Petrópolis: Efemérides
Discoverers Web
Women Explorers
Women's Travel Writing, 1830-1930
Marianne North at Word Press
Recollections of a happy life, being the autobiography of Marianne North (1894) – the whole book, in different formats
Alexander Caldcleugh's Voyages in South America ... – full on-line version


Globe-Trotting Englishwomen Who Helped Map the World
In Mrs. Mortimer's Best Guess, the Place Is Unspeakable
Cronistas e viajantes – 2006 issue of Com Ciência, the SBPC journal
Viajantes-naturalistas no Brasil oitocentista: experiência, relato e imagem

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