2017 · First Semester
  Anglo-American Monsters



Aristotle on the generation of monsters
Augustine on evil and on the monstrous races of men.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Teratology at Wikipedia
A Telling of Wonders: teratology in Western medicine through 1800


Anglo-Saxon History from BBC
British History from BBC
Anglo Saxon Britain, Viking raids, and the Norman invasion
Year without a Summer – the climate conditions that may have helped Mary Shelley and John Polidori write their tales
How To Be A Monster: Life Lessons From Lord Byron – on the Byron-Polidori relationship

Authors and Texts

Anonymous – Enuma Elish

The Babylonian Epic of Creation from Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Book of Job

'Sea monster' whale fossil unearthed – BBC News
A Jurassic-era leviathan – BBC News

Anonymous – Beowulf

Beowulf – First part (up to p. 28 "into Heremod.") + Second part (from p. 28 "Meanwhile ..." to end)
First page of Beowulf
Beowulf read by Seamus Heaney
Beowulf at the British Library
Beowulf at Wikipedia

John Milton –Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost, Book 1 – hypertext
darkness visible – a resource site
Paradise Lost Study Guide – plenty of help
Paradise Lost Audiotexts – downloadable

Jonathan Swift – Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels (Part I, ch. 1-2)
"The diminutive insect: Gulliver’s Travels, Original Sin and the imagery of size"

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Frankenstein selections (pdf)
Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature
Mary Shelley and Frankenstein
Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl – a hypertext remake of Frankenstein

John Polidori – "The Vampyre"
The Vampyre 1816 Multimedia Project – at Arizona State U
John Polidori & the Vampyre Byron

Robert L. Stevenson – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – pdf

Edward B. Tylor – Primitive Culture
Review by Alfred Russell Wallace

H. P. Lovecraft – "The Outsider"
The H. P. Lovecraft web site
Video adaptation – parts of the text
Reading of whole text (16:06)

Tod Browning – Freaks
Freaks at Wikipedia

Jack Finney / Don Siegel – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
A Tale for Our Times – a review
The movie's poster

John Gardner – Grendel
Grendel selected chapters
The Grendex – An Index to Gardner's book
A letter from Gardner about Grendel
Brothers Judd's review of Grendel
Beauty and the Beastly – Review of the opera version
Grendel at Wikipedia

Angela Carter – "The Werewolf" (full text)

A Love of Monsters: Gargoyles and Architectural Details in New York City



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