2017 · First Semester
  Anglo-American Monsters


1. Course work:

  • For each of the assigned tasks students will write about their experience on reading a literary piece.
  • Students will bring their work to class, swap the texts with colleagues, and, in small groups, discuss their feelings and opinions. The idea is to preserve their impressions of the readings, develop useful notes, and to reflect upon what they are reading.
  • The instructor will collect the students' comments after the discussion and return them to the students at the next class. Students should date and identify each of the entries and keep them in some kind of notebook or folder once they are returned to them.

2. After class:

Students continue to read and research English and American monsters in literature and other arts, pursuing points that they feel deserve more thought.


Grades will reflect journal writing and exam taking.

  Journals 15 (decreasing)
  First Exam 30
  Second Exam 30
  Third Exam 30

There will be two basic kinds of questions: a) essay questions designed to evaluate your careful reading of the works, and b) identifying texts and authors in context.

Office hours

Mon & Wed: by appointment.

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